100TH anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution

By Alena Ageyeva.

The speech of Lenin in 1917

The most global social experiment in the history of our civilization; The Russian Great October Revolution, established 100 years ago by practical implementation of the proletariat dictatorship, the first marxist socialist form of state for many decades forward has become “the atomic reactor” of the world revolution process.

100 years ago in his work “The State and Revolution” the leader of the Russian Great October Revolution drew a picture of the communist system, which had won the world. Describing the sequence of the phases of the future social communist formations development (the highest of which supposed the disappearance of the state as unnecessary for the community of honest working people with moderate needs for an instrument of control and coercion), Vladimir Lenin thus gave, in my opinion, the answer to the question of whether real Marxists have the right to dream. The great epoch gave great people, and their ideas about the future, about what fruits will grow in 100 years in the field cultivated by the New Man on 1/6 of the inhabited Earth, were just great. The founder of Soviet cosmonautics, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, dreamed as accurately as the leader of the young revolution: in his book “Outside the Earth” he described the future of 2017, where people led by the international community of scientists are implementing projects to build a global space rocket, people began to explore new planets, making them suitable for the life of the human being. At the same time, a new social order dominates almost completely on Earth, the cradle of civilization, in which there is no more war and oppression. According to the scientist, the Congress will be headed by humanity at this time, made up of selected representatives of different states. And the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, in his futurological poem “150,000,000” with the faith in the wonderful future of mankind, which turned into a single communist brotherhood by 2017, described how crowds of not only terrestrial, but also extraterrestrial people would come to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution to the greenery of the Sahara through the air, water and land ..

It’s a little sad to realize that we have not justified the hopes of the best people of the
beginning of the 20th century, and the remarkable date of the hundredth anniversary of
the October revolution occurs at a time when the majority of people in the world are once again afraid of a new world war … At the same time, the last remnants of the conquests of the world’s first worker‐peasant state in the above‐mentioned 1/6 part of the planet are disappearing rapidly under the pressure of ever‐increasing capitalization. Soviet futurists could not imagine this at all, based on the conscious belief in the fruitfulness of the proletarian revolution, which for the first time in history liberated Man removing the meaning of his existence far from the senseless cog, grinded by Moloch in the never‐ending struggle for existence.

Speech in a USSR factory.

However, today is the triumphant date, the 100th anniversary, the day when the Great
Revolution equaled the rights and possibilities of endless personal perfection of the
representatives of all men and estates on the territory of the Russian Empire, it is, in my
opinion, a special occasion to think for all people of goodwill. Wake up and shake off a
drowsy numbness of individualistic, atomized consciousness. It’s time to understand that
the guilt of a crisis that has become extremely acute in all spheres of human existence ‐ in economics, politics, art, science ‐ is the capitalism, no matter what it may appear ‐ neo‐
imperialism or globalism. And for us, those who have long made a personal choice and
embarked on the path of struggle for the socialist reconstruction of the world, it is also a
special occasion to determine, to find mutual understanding and unite with all distant and close associates, bearing in mind Vladimir Lenin’s words that even “A hundred people can be stronger than a thousand if they are organized.” It is necessary to have a clear answer to the question: what kind of alternative do we want and can offer a Human instead of a hopeless existence in the modern urbanistic, crisis world that he now drags on, frozen like a rabbit before a boa, in inertia of fear of the world power elites who “squeak” with a deadly weapon capable of destroying all life on the earth.

The experience of the Great October Revolution should be used, proving that its Victory was the result of a scientific and, even, creative approach to society. Not just the “people” won but also the scientific thought won private property interests. The socialist revolution is not simply the victory of the “poor over the rich,” exploited over the exploiters, labor over capital; it is the victory of scientific consciousness over economic chaos, based on the private interest of exploiters. The Bolsheviks outplayed Russian and international capital, first of all, not by attracting the masses (in 1918, by the way, the peasant masses were not on the side of the Bolsheviks), but because they had a scientific model for organizing society, they thoroughly knew the laws of its development and were able to organize the masses following them in such a way that victory was assured. The best, more progressive organization of the society over backward handicrafts has won. And we must speak directly and clearly about the fact that we Communists of the 21st century are not bound by private proprietary interests, but act on the basis of scientific consciousness and creative uninterrupted creation, and therefore only we can develop a scientific plan for transforming society on a radically humanistic basis . All other parties can not do this, because the interests of these or those owners prevail in them. And there is nothing more to be said on this day. The rest is not so significant and has no propaganda significance. The modern follower of the Revolutionary Movement must not only clearly realize that there is currently no alternative to Marxism, which continues to develop in the creative rethinking of modern social processes, but also to bring to the consciousness of the masses the urgency of choice that can only be expressed by “socialism or barbarism”.

When there is a possibility of Victory, let it be small, it should be used only in the interests of the Social Revolution, and when there is no chance, there is no Revolutionary situation, one can develop the Revolutionary theory and propaganda in order to form the backbone of the future Revolutionary structure / organizational form. But we must not insist on reformism and cooperate with bourgeois structures. The Glory of the Great October Socialist Revolution is never ending in the world! The revolution will end only when we together want this, comrades!

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